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Since thousands of years, aroma of Agarwood has been known to have triggered peace and tranquillity in our minds. There is something magical about its mesmerizing smell which takes us to an altogether different world that is full of compassion, peace and love. Due to these characteristics, Agarwood (which is also popularly known as Oudh, Aloeswood and Eaglewood) is in great demand and is one of the most enthralling scents ever known to mankind. Agarwood is more commonly used as an incense and has a very specially significance across religions and cultures.

We are the largest online store which exclusive deals in Agarwood Essential Oil that is obtained from a completely natural process. Our products are being sold today in more than 50 countries world over covering six continents.

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Oudh All in one Pack Kit
1. Indian Agarwood 3ml
2. Indian Agarwood Strong 3ml
3. Cambodian Agarwood 3ml

US$ 85.00


Agarwood basically is heartwood obtained from a species of evergreen trees known as Aquilaria and Gyrinops. These two varieties of evergreen trees are native to South East Asian region. This tree is prone to infection from a type of parasitic mold (a dark walled fungus) which produces the thick, dark and aromatic resin. This resin remains embedded in the heartwood which later is extracted through steamed distillation and transformed further into Agarwood Essential oil.

Pure and unadulterated Agarwood essential is quite expensive and its prices are expected to rise further up in future. The main reason behind the steady price rise of this essential oil has been decline in the availability of raw material from which this oil is extracted. Aquilaria malaccensis, which is the primary source of this oil, is currently among the endangered species of flora which needs to be protected. However North-East parts of India and parts of Cambodia still have these wonderful trees in plenty which today contributes to substantial global demand.

The oil is obtained from Assamese (which is an Indian State) Aquilaria (also known as Aquilaria khasiana) is considered to be the best grade available. A very small amount of Assamese Agarwood oil can release aroma which can easily last for 10 to 12 hours. Out of the total fifteen species of Auilaria, eight can produce Agarwood while three among these eight species remain more popular for obtaining this product. Major demand for Agarwood is for manufacturing of incense sticks and other perfumery products. Apart from it this oil is also used in many alternative medicines forms, room fresheners, fumigation, religious ceremonies and to enhance spirituality. On the other hand chips of Agarwood are also in demand as they are widely used by Muslims in Middle Eastern countries.

These chips or wooden flakes are part of Muslim culture there are used to burn are homes, mosques and also used as gifts. Even the dust of these wooden chips and flakes is very fragrant and commercially sold and can be used for various different applications. Agarwood and its oil are God’s gift to mankind and we should also strive to put it to the best possible use. We would welcome all retail and wholesale from our customers and promise them our best of attention all the time  For your utmost convenience,

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